Institute Engagements

We partner with the Entrepreneurship cells from colleges across the country to engage our mentors in various events . This can take the form of speaking, panel discussions, jury for Business plan competitions and Pitching events, and mentoring sessions.

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IIT Kanpur E Summit

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IvyCamp Workshop on Fundraising is not for the faint-hearted

Attendees of the session gained critical insights into the fundraising process, best practices, the elements to building a sustainable business; and also got to hear an entrepreneur's own journey of raising VC funds successfully. Mr. Vidhya Shankar, Partner, Grant Thornton and Mr. Piyush Madan, Cofounder, Vinculum Solutions

IIM Calcutta

MVP and Product-Market Fit

A number of aspiring entrepreneurs, student-run startups and startups incubated at IIM Calcutta Innovation Park attended the workshop Mr. Hari Balasubramaniam, Alumnus IIMC, Entrepreneur Investor Advisor Mentor, Mukunda Foods Pvt. Ltd

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IIT Madras

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Entrepreneurship Keynote for Incoming Batch

Mr. K. Ganesh, Alumnus IIMC, Serial Enterepreneur, Founder Portea Medical