Mentor Meetups

These are sessions that the mentor schedules via the platform based on their availability. These can be online or face-to face and provide an opportunity for startups to engage in depth on specific topics in the mentor area of expertise. The mentor can choose to invite specific startups they have been matched up with via the platform or open it to all startups.

The startups apply for these sessions online. Once completed, both the mentor and startup are required to provide their feedback online

Mentor meetup

Mr. Sanjeev Sethi , Alumnus Rice University EVP & Operations Head Subscription Business, Star TV Network

Mentor meetup1

What startups should know about GST?

Mr Sethi answered questions related to how companies get classified under the GST rules, the importance of the contract language in deciding what GST bracket the company falls in, importance of compliance related to GST, and how to look at parallel companies to understand options of GST classification in your domain.

Mr. Kishore Rajgopal, Alumnus IITM, CEO and Founder, NextOrbit

How B2C Startups should think about Scaling up?

Mr. Rajgopal answered questions that the startups posed on B2C platforms, user growth, and the differences between scaling a B2C business and a B2B business.

Mentor meetup2

Mr. N S Sekar, Alumnus BITS Pilani, Vice President, Bidgley

Mentor meetup3

Product Development at Tech Enabled Startups

The mentor discussed various important topics with the start-ups such as product strategy for enterprise customer, and the role of IP in tech start-ups.

Mr. Arunabh Choudhary, Partner Juris Corp

What to know from a Legal Standpoint while Fundraising?

The attending start-ups got to know about different documents like founders' agreement, term sheet, SHA and SSA; from a legal perspective.

Mentor meetup4