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COVID 19 Challenge

COVID 19 Challenge

The 3 finalists shortlisted for the IvyCamp Covid 19 Challenge

31st April 2020

Program Highlights


Targeted Applications


Preliminary Pitch to HDFC Life


Startups met HDFC Life Senior Management Team


7 Startups selected for POC

Few Solutions We Are Looking For

Possibilities for innovation are not limited to sector or technology. We are looking to collaborate with startups bringing innovative solutions in the following focus areas.

Innovative Blockchain Networks and Applications

Solutions which can help network relationships across the insurance value chain in areas such as claims processing; managing independent agent contracts & policy management including renewals.

Fraud Detection

The pandemic enforced remote working scenario has seen an accompanying surge in cyber crimes and frauds. Thus, this becomes a good area to explore possible solutions like video analytics, remote lie detection using voice and vision AI, detection of fraud etc

Non Invasive Insurance Medical Innovations

Solutions for remote medical testing to replace the mandatory physical medical tests which customers currently undergo, that can help optimize the process of medical underwriting to make customer onboarding smoother.

Digital agency using AI

An AI based platform for sourcing, filtering, selecting and training young freelance candidates for insurance agent roles

Why Apply to Futurance

You will connect, collaborate, and commercialise with HDFC Life and IvyCamp, and get access to investment opportunities.


Direct access to key decision-makers


Work together with Industry experts and the HDFC Life business units


A business opportunity to scale across HDFC Life's countrywide presence.

Selection Process

Step 1

Submit your application

Step 2

Screening and shortlisting of startup applications

Step 3

Face to face meeting with the IvyCamp and HDFC Life.

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Futurance is a short term corporate engagement program to identify the innovative startups who can provide futuristic business solutions and also help build next gen capabilities. Some of the key areas being: Non-Invasive Medical Innovations, Blockchain Application – Innovative, Virtual Reality for Customers , Insurance Agent Entrepreneurs.


We’re looking for technology focused early-stage startups with an ability to manage the scalability. Startups selection won’t be limited to the use cases, Startups with compelling products and who can add value to the Insurance industry can also apply for the program. For more details, visit selection process and use case section.


Futurance is a short-term corporate engagement program, where the shortlisted startups will pitch to HDFC Life Senior Management for an opportunity for a Proof of Concept, Strategic Alliance and/ or Investment Opportunity.


Once the application is received, the outcome of the application will be updated through a call or email from the IvyCamp team within 3 weeks.


The call for application will be open until December 2, 2020. Please apply at the earliest.

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