Corporates Offers and Perks

Redeem the bundle of free credits, discounts from our corporate partners to accelerate your startup

As part of the IvyCamp platform, startups have exclusive access to perks from our corporate partners. If you are part of the IvyCamp programs or an IvyCap invested company, You can apply here to avail the perks

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Corporate Perks

Start package of $3000 cloud credits for 1 year

Start package of $1000 cloud credits to $25000 credits for invested startups

Start package $3600 credits to $10000 credits for Series A funded startups

Access up to $4000 in credits across eight products at any time within one year of account activation

Total credits of up to $500 available per product

Exclusive 50% off discount on Salesforce Essentials for IvyCamp Startups

Start package of $1000 IBM cloud credits to $10000 credits for invested startups.

Sprinto offers an exclusive $750 discount to Ivycamp Startups. Implementation fee waived off for Ivycamp Startups.

Start package of $500 cloud credits for 1 year

Akansha Rathi and Associates offers exclusive 30% discount on Secretarial fillings and Registration Services for IvyCamp Startups

Full stack user engagement and retention platform for consumer businesses. Exclusive benefits worth USD 25,000 for IvyCamp startups

10% OFF across all Astra plans
A hacker style pentest platform featuring an automated vulnerability scanner plus manual pentest by security experts