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COVID 19 Challenge

The 3 finalists shortlisted for the IvyCamp Covid 19 Challenge

COVID 19 Challenge

COVID 19 Challenge

The 3 finalists shortlisted for the IvyCamp Covid 19 Challenge

31st April 2020


Notable Startups

COVID 19 Challenge

IvyCamp, has launched a search for startup solutions that are on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19. This initiative is to encourage and support innovation efforts that will help the medical communities, societies and businesses combat the situation created by this virus, and to help operate effectively.

Ready to implement and effective solutions could receive an investment up to Rs. 1 Cr or an opportunity to work with our corporate partners. Solutions can be in any sector as long as there is an impact related to fighting the COVID 19 virus or supporting communities and businesses.

Who Can Apply ?

Startups who have solutions in Detection and treatment, support crisis management capabilities, and enhance resilience and recovery in the wake of Covid-19 should apply.

Below is an indicative list of the types of initiatives we are looking for :

1. Technology Solutions

Data, apps and other technological solutions.

For Example

Real-time information apps, ‘symptom checkers’

Vernacular ‘helpline’ chatbots

Contact tracing

Case reporting

2. Healthcare Solutions

Early detection, diagnostics, treatment kits, protection kits

For Example

Improve diagnostic capabilities in speed

Share relevant information about pandemics'/p>

Enhance serological testing kits

Develop novel vaccine platforms

3. Community Support

Community outreach and mobilisation campaigns that may be particularly relevant to the current situation

For Example

Innovative approaches to mass messaging

Improve quality of life

Improve work efficiency

Improve community protection

Eligibility Criteria