Meet Chakradhar Reddy and Akash Goel from Singularity

Singularity Automation is a Bangalore based IoT company working on next-gen technologies for sharing economy. Its cloud platform maximizes asset utilization & enhances customer experience in Co-Living, Co-Working and Budget Hotels.

Chakradhar Reddy, Founder at Singularity, the story behind the inception of Singularity Automation

Akash Goel, Co-founder at Singularity, on the market for contactless devices in the post COVID world

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Smita Mishra, CEO, Fandero talks about the relevance of SDGs in investing

Fandoro is a SaaS platform that allows enterprises to capture their sustainability related risks and opportunities. Fandoro provides an Impact driven Integrated Technology Platform that helps enterprises to identify the sustainability related risks and the right Sustainable Development Goals aligning with their businesses to drive progress on the opportunities in their chosen indicators and monitor them and the risks.