IvyCap Ventures Angel Fund

Angel Fund will focus on Seed and Early stage deep tech startups. What differentiates our Angel fund is our proprietary deal flow (much of which comes from our global Alumni Network), our hands on mentor scale up support for our portfolio companies (through our highly credible mentor pool), support for next round funding of our portfolio companies (through our investor network), scale up opportunities through corporate engagements on our IyvCamp platform, and access to global accelerators and markets through our partner network.

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Meet Shashikant Burnwal, Co-founder at TrillBit

Trillbit has proprietary (patent pending) data over sound technology. We can add data on top of any existing audio/video thus converting any audio speaker into a data transmitter and any device with a microphone into a data receiver.

TrillBit building the “Internet-of-Sound”

Fundraising Wisdom by Shashikant Burnwal, Co-founder at TrillBit