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In line with our continuing programs to help startups work on specific issues they are dealing with, IvyCamp organized a 2-day series of workshops for startups in the Target Accelerator Program in Bengaluru. Our mentors presented and discussed in subject matters such as- Fundraising and Investment, Legal Framework, and Pricing and Negotiation with the overall goal to help founders build startups that last. The session witnessed a shared entrepreneurial passion with startups that had solutions based on technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Design Automation, and Computer Vision to transform the rapidly changing retail environment.


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Swarup Ravichandran
Associate, Canbank Venture Capital

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Aaron Kamath
Lawyer, Nishith Desai Associates

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Huzefa Tavawalla
Head: Disruptive Technologies Practice Group, Nishith Desai Associates

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Nilanjan Chaudhuri
Ex- Head, Marketing and Global Sales Support – Concentrix ​


Fundraising and Investment

Mr. Swarup Ravichandran led this interactive session by discussing not just the basics of raising capital but also the various approaches in fundraising. Followed by a discussion on tapping the right investors based on the background of the fund. Startups gained insight on things like the kind of company the fund will invest in, the amount of money that will be invested, and the amount of time before the money is to be returned to the limited partners in case of PE (Private Equity) investments.

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Legal Framework

The legal framework session was driven by Nishith Desai and Associates, led by their leading lawyers Ms. Huzefa Tavawalla and Mr. Aaron Kamath. Aaron kicked off the session by defining Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Patents with respect to the startups. This was followed by a discussion pertinent to retail tech startups and on Data protection and privacy. Huzefa discussed the typical legal issues that throw up in an investor initiated due diligence and how to solve them. The session also saw the discussion using real-world examples of key clauses in Investment Documentation.

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Pricing and Negotiation

For startups who want to get the upper hand in negotiations, this session by Mr. Nilanjan Chaudhuri shared some strategies to drive more revenue. Pricing is a highly sensitive number, Nilanjan discussed the various aspects of correctly pricing a product. Followed by a discussion on making sound contracting negotiation by creating “value”. With reference to a number of real-world examples and case studies, Nilanjan discussed on areas like- how to reach out to the CXOs, when to back off from a deal, and how to study peer pricing.

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Designed to help innovative startups develop concepts that could improve Target's business and the broader retail industry, the four-month intensive program focuses on transformative and technology-driven ideas to create solutions for today's rapidly changing retail environment. We are looking to tap into the startup ecosystem in India and provide them a unique opportunity to work with the Target's leadership team in a specially designed space at Target India's office in Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore.


A better understanding of how to raise funding

Key elements to look at when exploring a VC

How to spot the right investors for you

The correct method of valuation

The power of copyrights and intellectual property laws

How to protect computer programs

Choosing the right price for your solution

How to approach a negotiation

Engaging with the right expert at the right time that early-stage founders need, can provide them with all the necessary ingredients for them to succeed.

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