About the Challenge

Strategy Slaughterhouse is a challenge only for the champions.

Today's startups face a multitude of challenges and they are always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and practical ideas to help them solve real-world problems.

In Strategy Slaughterhouse, you work with your team to deep-dive into a specific industry. Read carefully through the sector’s description, its key particulars, and the key areas of focus for them. Once you understand the sector and its key focus areas - you begin your research on the innovative leading practices in the space amongst various competitors, nationally and internationally so that you deep dive and come up with practical and innovative ideas that can help the sector in question. There was never a better way to influence the world around you!

You can win prizes totaling INR 25,000 and explore live project and pitching opportunities. Remember that this is an exclusive inter-institute challenge. Therefore, you are not just vying against teams within your own institute; it is a chance for you to outperform teams from other institutes.

Challenge Overview

Identify your institute and
allocated sector below
Develop and submit a
leading practice document
Win prizes up to
INR 25,000

Prizes and Rewards

Sectors and Institutes

Challenge Process

Team Formation Guideline

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cash prize worth INR 25,000
  • Live Project opportunity
  • Chance to pitch for funding
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Satisfaction of your ideas creating real impact
  • Industry insights and sharpened skills

Refer this link

  • Practice used by an existing & established company and which adds value to the firm
  • Source of the idea/practices and depth of research and analysis
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Clarity of communication
No, this is an inter-college competition. You have the flexibility to create teams comprising students from various departments within the same college, as well as include professors and alumni in those teams.
A template for a case study, along with a sample and an example for reference, will be furnished. Additionally, a briefing call will be scheduled at the beginning of the challenge to address any questions.
Write to us at apoorva@ivycapventures.com / rupali@ivycamp.in
Click on the “Sector & Institutes” above to learn more
This challenge exclusively welcomes participation from our partnered institutions. If you wish to join, please reach out to us at rupali@ivycamp.in.
Use the provided Case Study template to create your document, compress the file into a zip format, save it on Google Drive of your institute email id, name it as “TeamName_InstituteName” and share the link with read access through the form. The submission will be considered successful only upon downloading. Valid entries must be submitted exclusively via Google Drive. Please refrain from submitting entries via email.